17-18-19 February 2017

FISTC World Championship Sprint and European Championships Middle and Long Distance

PHOTOS from Florian Astelbauer



MilleGrobbe Day 3, Sunday 19th February 2017

After the very nice but animated musher evening in Luserna on Saturday evening, offered to all mushers and handlers, on sunday morning we started early with the third and last day of race of these superb World Championship Sprint and European Championships Middle and long distance.

In order to be able to organize the pricing ceremony early enough to help mushers to leave on their way back home, the race jury decided that the race would start at 7:30 in the morning with the longtrailers, followed by Mid distance mushers and as from 11:00 the Sprint race would start.

Despite the very high number of spectators who came to enjoy the superb races, several thousand according to local authorities, everything went perfectly well.

Trails were once again prepared at night really in a perfect way and FISTC wants to thank all the men who have done the fantastic job that allowed us to have a perfect race, and I wish to thank particularly the Majors of Lavarone and Luserna, young and dynamic and also more particularly Mr. Massimo Osele, the owner of Malga Millegrobbe and his team for the very hard and efficient work he did with his whole team on the trails as well as in his restaurant.

A very big Thank you also to Massimo Bassan and the FIMSS for the outstanding work and organization in conditions that were not always easy, they did a very great job ! The FISTC team has also done a great job as usual !

This being said, as we had a very beautiful race with excellent trails quite hard in some parts for big teams, our Champions are real Champions and i also want to congratulate them as well as their real pure breed dogs. The Vets team was also very well prepared and equipped but had almost nothing to do during the three days of the race, however many thanks to Roberto Guadagnini the Chief Vet and to all his team.

One of the main objectives was animal welfare and that race was also a great success from that point of view.

Finally I want to thank all mushers, particularly those who ran in both Championships, as they all have shown they are great mushers with some of them being really very impressive, and I want to thank all the dogs that have been participating as they also are great champions !

See you next year !


And now, the list of FISTC Champions 2017:


SkiJoring 2 dogs Men : Sebastian ASTELBAUER (AUT)

SkiJoring 2 dogs Women : Nathalie ROLAND (FRA)

SkiJoring 1 dog / 1 Men : Jan NEGER (SLK)

SkiJoring 1 dog / 1 Women Carla REISTETTEROVA (SLK)

SkiJoring 1 dog / 1 Women Junior : Carla REISTETTEROVA (SLK)

SkiJoring 1 dog / 2 Men : Jean-Michel HOOG (FRA) (Gr)

SkiJoring 1 dog /2 Women : Manon DUBOIS (FRA) (Sam)

SkiJoring 1 dog /2 Women Junior : Emma HOOG (FRA) (AM)


Class A1 : Karl RACHBAUER (AUT)

Class A2 : Bernd SAUERHÖFER (GER) (Gr)

Class B : Attila KISS (HUN)

Class C1 : Pierre CHAPPE (FRA)

Class C1 Junior : Helena GUADAGNINI (ITA)

Class C2 : Alain DIFFORT (FRA) (Gr)

Class D1 : Valentina DURIO (ITA)

Class D1 Junior : Melissa DE FERRARI (ITA)

Class D2 : Marc BROCARD (FRA) (Gr)

Class D2 Junior : Théo KENTZINGER (FRA) (Gr)






Long Trail PULKA : Ludovic GOGUILLY (FRA) (Gr)

Long Trail Class O : Jörg POHMER (GER)

Middle Distance : SkiJoring 2 dogs : Dany FAIVRE (FRA)

SkiJoring 1 dog : Barbara ISENHARDT (CH) (Gr)

Pulka : Michel DECOUTEIX (FRA)

Sled Class A1: Claudio De FERRARI (ITA)

A2 : Thierry NARCY (FRA) (Gr)

B2 : Vojtech NEMEC (CZR) (Sam)


C2 : Nathalie MANNATO (FRA) (Gr)


2nd day

Another very beautiful day in Millegrobbe (TN) where we have had beautiful races, quite a few changes in sprint SKI-Jöring. The leaders of the various classes are now;

SJ 2 dogs men, Sebastian Astelbauer (AUT), Women Nathalie Roland (FRA), 1 dog men, Jan Neger (SLK), Women Lourane Beaud. SJ 1 dog men; Jean-Michel Hoog (FRA), Women Manon Dubios (FRA). A1 Karl Rachbauer (AUT), A2 Bernd Sauerhöfer (GER). B Attila Kiss (HUN). C1 Pierre Chappe (FRA). C2 Alain Diffort (FRA). D1 Akos Köffer (HUN). D2 March Broccard (FRA).

In LT, after the night at the biwak, long trailers had the splendid view at the nature with the raising sun. Ludovic Goguilly (FRA) is doing it in Pulka with Jörg Pohme (GER) in LTO goes perfectly well with a Siberian team of 12 black and white Siberians very fast and really beautiful. The leaders of the many classes are from France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark.

All mushers really enjoyed the race as did their dogs.

Now we all will enjoy the musher dinner offered to all mushers and handlers

1st day

After having postposed this World Championship by one week, because of the lack of snow in past days, and for the safety of the dogs, and mushers. Now the races are started.

I must say that this location is one of the most beautiful Nordic ski resort in Italy. Wild nature and very beautiful trails.

The race started with the various ski-jöring classes. In SKJ 2 dogs, the fastest is the French lady Nathalie Roland, faster than man, Igor Stefan, Sebastian and Erich Astelbauer. In SKJ 1/1 the first four are Slovak athletes, with the fastest being Jan Neger – Almost the same solution for women where Carla Reistetterova (SLK) is also leading. In SKJ 2 1 dog men, French Jean-Michel Hoog leads, follow by Sepp Brugger (AUT) and Aleksander Nesterov (RUS). The French ladies lead the SKJ 2 1 dog women with Samojedes and Malamutes.

Sled classes see some interesting fights, but not in O-class, where French Jean Combazard is outstanding as usual. In A, Knud Schmølz (DK) is first as is Bernd Sauerhöfer (GER) in A2. Attila Kiss (HUN) leads B-class, French Pierre Chappe is first in C1 and Alain Diffort in C2 with 4 Greenland dogs. Young Italian Valentina Durio leads D1-class and French March Brocard leads D2.

In long trail, tonight the competitors are very happy to eat and sleep with their dogs at the biwak.

The MD race was almost perfect in all classes.

Tomorrow will be another exciting racing day.

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