Day 2 - 17. November 2012.

Before we report on this second day of race, it is important to say a few words about the very typical evening that was organized yesterday (Friday) evening. The “Cicchettone” was extremely appreciated, you have dinner in five different restaurants, each of them giving to the participants two very typical different dishes. At the end of the night we all had eaten extremely well while drinking excellent wines. A unique opportunity to meet new friends as in our sport, friendships and sports are closely linked.
Today, once again we had a perfect weather, cold (freezing in the morning) and sunny.
In middle distance the position got yesterday on the first heat have been confirmed today, while in sprint many changes may still take place tomorrow.
In the A class, while Loris Bottega (I) confirms his leadership, Knud Schmolz (DK9) now second passed Pascal Gerard (F). In B1, C. Barbaro (F) slightly improved his first position. No changes in B2 and C classes, while in D1 Andrej Drabik (SK) and Elfie Ploder (A) are really fighting hard. In Bike 2 dogs, Rinaldo Matioli (I) has taken the leadership. In scooter 2 dog the new leader is Didier Fleury (F), while Juliette Prodhomme is still first in scooter 1 dog. The scooter 1 dog/2 the new leader is now Gabor Rosner (Hun), with his Greenlanddog “Darius”. In the Bike 1 dog, Filippo Piccinini has overtaken Roman Reistetter (SK) who was leading yesterday. In Bike women, Alena Smolikova increased her advantage on the second.
The canicross 2 dogs class is still leaded by the Junior Samuel Matanin (SK) while another Slovak, Michal Ivanco leads the canicross 1 dog class. Linda Salvagno (I) continues to lead the canicross women class while Mayliss Gerard and Ester Vaskova, juniors, are just separated by 0.8 seconds after this secon heat.
Tomorrow, as usual on the third day, the canicross runners will start with the real difference in time and the first on the finish line will be the winner.
We expect a fantastic third heat tomorrow with the same weather and we will then have succeeded in having a fantastic championship.

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