Day 1 - 16. November 2012.


Yesterday evening we officially started these European Championships Cart in Farra d’Alpago, very nice city on this magnificent Alpago area on the Santa Croce lake. At the opening ceremony we were pleased to be welcomed by the 5 mayors of the 5 villages of the Conca d’Alpago who are totally invested for the total success of this big event.

This morning we had to remove the ice from car windscreen… But all mushers and dogs were so happy to stay in these beautiful mountains with a splendid sunny weather and cold temperatures. A real dream for our dogs:

First we let start our middle distance teams. At first places after this first heat we find in MDO Doris Prohaska(A), MDA Roman Habasco (CZ), MDB1 Pierangelo Patriarca (I), MDB2 Harry Braeckmans (B) and MDC Paola Albanesi (I).
In all sprint categories results, at least for the first three are very close. The leaders tonight are:
In A, Loris Bottega (I); B1, Christophe Barbaro (F); B2, Ernest Lippusch (A); C1, Roberto Mattasoglio (I); D1, Andrej Drabik (SK); D2, Sepp Brugger (A); Bike2dogs, Julian Astelbauer (A); Scooter 2dogs, Sebastian Astelbauer(A); Scooter 1dog, Juliette Prodhomme (F); Scooter 1dog/2, Sepp Brugger (A); Bike 1dog, Roman Reistetter (SK); Bike 1dog/2, Jean-Michel Hoog (F);Bike 1dog women, Alena Smolikova (Cz).
In the four canicross classes we had mass starts. The canicross 2 dogs is leaded by a junior, Samuel Matanin (SK); the canicross 1 dog by Michal Ivanco (SK); canicross 1 dog women by Linda Salvagno (I) and the canicross junior by Mayliss Gerard (F). It can be noted that the first three young girls in canicross junior are together within 25 seconds, and are also more than one minute faster than the first lady in canicross women, on the same distances.
Tomorrow at 10am will start the second heat, very exciting in almost all classes. However, before that, tonight all mushers and many visitors will have the opportunity to taste local specialties in a tour of 5 restaurants where we will go one after the other… We will report also on that tomorrow.
Weather is expected to remains like today, sunny and cold until the end of the week-end. All dogs and their mushers are really happy to be here !

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