Newsletter 09. 10. 2011.

Now we can inform you that the EC Cart has been confirmed by our Slovenian friends and organizers.

The final meeting with the community and press has taken place and we can invite you to participate in a three days event with arrival on the 17.11.2011 and then three days of racing on the 18., 19., and 20th. - as scheduled.

Please send your application for the race to the delegate in your country who will forward it to the Director of Cart races - Guust Zagers, to the treasurer Walter Treichl, and to the President Franco Mannato on the 10.11.2012 the latest.

The Championship will take place in Smlednik only 5 Km from the Motorway not far south from the Austrian border, and stake out, Start and finish will take place in a Camping Place, where you will also find electricity, water etc.

- Other lodging options

5km from Smlednik;

7km from Smlednik

9km from Smlednik

10 km from Smlednik

As soon as we have further info we shall keep you updated.

Kind regards

Your Board

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