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Ružiná ( SVK) on June 2 & 4 2006

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june  2 & 4 2006  - Ružiná - Slovakia


Report of the President, Mr. Franco Mannato:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am happy to welcome you in Ruzina for this General Assembly perfectly organised by our Slovak Friends. I will try to be as brief as possible in order to have a fruitful and very constructive meeting.

Let's start with the sportive aspects first. This year was an excellent one for various reasons. Many races have been organised in our countries and most mushers have been able to do a complete season and this is extremely positive. But this year, we the FISTC have been able to organise a very special event, I mean the demo race in Chiomonte Italy, during the Winter Olympic Games, more precisely during the first week-end, starting just the day after the opening ceremony. That was an important event for the promotion of our sport. And it has been even more than what I could hope. The race itself was extremely well organised, the place is beautiful and the weather was perfect and there were many medias from several countries.

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But the most important was what we did not see, what I learned a few weeks later when I came back home: some VIPs were curious to see that demo, and they came ! They didn't stay very long, one hour only, but they enjoyed our exhibition and declared that our sport is very interesting ! These personalities were the President of the French National Olympic Committee, together with some other of his colleagues from France and other countries. That was one of our main goals and it was a success, even if on the spot we did not know it. The race itself was excellent and I would like to thank very warmly, in name of the FISTC, Gianni GORGERINO and his team from the club Canadian Wolves, as well as our Italian friends from CIS, and other helpers and supporters on this race. For all participants, this event will remain in the memories, and the pricing ceremony was a very special one with all these flags of the Torino Olympics, the torch that two days before was used to light the Olympic flame and so on. I would also like to thank all participants for their behaviour that was perfect and totally sportive... Read all report


FISTC has a new member:
Slovenia - Matjas Ovsenek

Adopted proposals:

1.     Creation of the FISTC euro cup -sprint, distanceand long ranking list ( The Iron Sled Dog Races will also count for the ranking). We, the board, will appoint the races which will be taken in account for the ranking. More than one race can be apointed in one weekend as long as they are separated enough from each other

2.     Change of the distances for middistance to C= 25km (+/- 5km)
B+P= 35km (+/- 5km)
A+O= 45km (+/- 5km)

3.     In 2007 the LT championship will also be open for german mushers racing with pure bred teams, even if they are not member of the FISTC. The dogs will have to be judged by at least 2 race judges.

4.     To organize an european championship cartracing.

Mr. Gert Kronholm from Denmark was elected to be the Boardmember responsible for cart races.

The first FISTC Cart race Championship will be organised by SSD in Germany, western town Pullman city Harz, Hasselfelde, during the last weekend in November 2006.

ga 2006 3 ga 2006 4
5.     On FISTC Championships races, the starting number must also be put in evidence on he car and on the trailers on the stake-out.

6.     Maximum of 2 dogs in a box.

The Board recomends that if in a car there are more than one dog, then dog boxes must have their own lockable door (e.g. backdoor of car is not sufficient)

7.     Snowanchors must be handable with one hand (so not be in the dogbag because then it takes to much time to grab it in emergency situations).

8.     Young mushers of 12-17 years must wear helmets, except skiers in categories skijoing and pulka.

9.     Race marshall course in Srní, Czech Republic organised and given by Franz Stadolka, Walter Treichl and Pavel Kucera. This course will take place during the first weekend of September.

10.     Translation of MD rules in English here

11.     Translation of LT rules in English here

12.     Joël Reyners is excluded for life from any FISTC race

13.     D1 and D2 classes will be included in MD/LT FISTC Championships as from 2007

14.     Any team that has been warned by the Animal Welfare controller for his boxes, should be disqualified before the start of the Championships if he did not change or improve the travelling conditions of his dogs the following year.
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The race callendar 2006-2007

09.- 10.12.2006     western town Pullman city Harz, Hasselfelde, Germany     The first FISTC Cart race Championship
06.-07.1.2007     Weng- Austria     FISTC sprint racing week
10.-11.1.2007     St. Ulrich- Austria     FISTC sprint racing week
13.-14.1.2007     Werfenweng- Austria     FISTC sprint racing week
09.-12.2.2007     Auronzo ITALY- CIS     World championhip sprint
16.-19.2.2007     Pian Cansilio ITALY- FIMSS     European championhip MD/LT

The next FISTC General Assembly in 2007 will be organised by FIMSS in Italy. The place will be Pian de Lagotti, close to Modena and Bologna.

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