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Modena (ITA) on June 1 & 2 2007

The minute
The report of the President
The report of the Vicepresident, veterinary
The report of the Treasurer
The report of the Secretary
The report of the AWS
The report of the Tech director of sprint races
The report of the Tech director of MD/LT races
The report of the Tech director of cart races
Report of the financial controllers.


June 1 - 3, 2007 -Modena, Italy

Report from the president, Mr. Franco Mannato:

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Delegates,

I am very happy to welcome you here in Modena for this General Assembly and I take this opportunity to thank Massimo Bassan and the FIMSS for the perfect organisation of this event. It is clear now that this year most of you have enjoyed Italy and this is another opportunity to discover new aspects of this wonderful country.

Let's start working. This year my report will be much shorter than in previous years. The main reason is that we had a tremendous winter with very little snow all over Europe and that many races have been cancelled during the season, week after week.... Read all report

The new FISTC board: Arno Roos, Olivier Favre, Gert Kronholm, Walter Treichl, Franco Mannato, Marco Visconti , Guust Zagers, Jana Henychova


1.6.2007 - The trale inspection before European Championship MD/LT in Italy FIMSS - Piandelagotti 2009

2.6.2007 General Assembly

2.6.2007 Dinner

- European Championship Cart in Denmark, 24th-25th of November 2007
- European Championhip sprint Donovaly- Slovakia, 7th -10th of February 2008
- European Championship MD/LT in Germany- Inzell , 21st- 24th of February 2008

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