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CHIOMONTE - Pian del Frais (ITA) on June 19 & 20 2010

The minute
The report of the President
The report of the Vicepresident, veterinary
The report of the Treasurer
The report of the Secretary
The report of the AWS
The report of the Tech director of sprint races
The report of the Tech director of MD/LT races
The report of the Tech director of cart races
Report of the financial controllers.
Letter from Belgian Member FBMF


Report from the President, Mr Franco Mannato:

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Delegates,

I am very happy to welcome you here in CHIOMONTE for this General Assembly and I take this opportunity to thank the Mayor of the city, Gianni Gorgerino and the organisatin committee as well as CIS, the inviting Italian club, for the perfect and generous organisation of this event. While we are here we will learn more about this place and some of us will remember the excellent race they organised in February 2006 during the first week-end of the Olympic Winter Games of Torino, a fantastic moment that remains alive in the memories of all those who had the chance to participate and I have been one of these lucky few.
This year my report will be mixed as we had some positive aspects and several negative ones during the past year..... Read all report


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